The Company was founded in 1999 by Mr. Manuel Pareja.

Innovaciones Indiplas Ltd. is today the must innovative company referring to protection against the muddy shoes mud in Europe, especially in Spain.

Our protective mud repellent footwear cover is our flagship product.

Even though Innovaciones Indiplas Ltd. Owes its notoriety and well known reputation to the Pattones, the support activity also includes bibs, pants and all kinds of products of protection. .

The creation and market introduction of our flagship product has not been easy even though it looks simple; however our company is really proud for the work performed by all the staff and especially our sales department.

Also we must mention the silver medals awarded to Mr. Manuel Pareja for his invention at the end of the 34th International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products celebrated in 2006 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Two international prices that were rewarded to the innovative product, effort and hard work of this company.

In our country Mr. Manuel was also awarded by the “Spanish Inventors Club” giving to his Pattones the prize of the best invention in January 2006 in the category of “footwear” valuing aspects of utility, application, protection, viability, sustainability and economy.

In recent years Innovaciones Indiplas Ltd. has reinforced its national trade objectives in order to expand beyond our borders.

Nowadays the company has an abroad customer base in all Spain, Germany, France Switzerland, Portugal…

Our global presence is a new challenge for us, which is a real goal thanks to our team.

We attended to numerous trade shows and thanks to these experiences we fell a great satisfaction and recognition of our audience.

Innovaciones Indiplas Ltd. risks and seeks for innovation all the time.