Our web site shows you a part of our work in the agricultural sector and garden products where you can find out our unique and patented product named: PATTONES ROBERT’S. Furthermore, you can find a wide range of accessories for the maintenance of gardens and the agricultural tasks. You can check our catalogue from your home and you will find a large assortment of accessories and new products.

New update to our catalog

Please note that we have updated our catalog with new items. Check on-line our news in Garden Aprons, PVC Pattones mud repellent, etc. You can also download our catalog on the link below the side menu.


Mud repellent footwear cover PATTONES ROBERT'S

Our enterprise has created several kinds of PATTONES: they are waterproof, flexible, easy to put on and carry out, due its light weight. They are used mainly for the agricultural and livestock tasks, gardens, farms, hunting, fishing, construction, etc. They are specially designed for muddy tasks.

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